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When a divorcing couple has interests in a business or professional practice, it is essential that this asset is properly valued to ensure appropriate distribution of the assets between the parties. Though this process can be complicated, the involvement of an experienced business valuation lawyer can help move the situation forward.

At Campagna Johnson, P.C., our Suffolk County firm has extensive experience litigating the valuation of businesses and professional practices for purposes of property division in a divorce. We understand that both parties may have a vested interest in the asset, and as such, these matters can become highly contentious. Our attorneys work to see that conflicts are minimized and your interests are protected throughout the process of obtaining the valuation and the subsequent property division process.

Enlisting Experts To Aid In The Process

While ascertaining the value of a business may seem like simply gathering paperwork on assets and liabilities, there can be much more to the situation. It is important to obtain the full picture of the business through the perspective of a business valuation expert. These are professionals who have specific knowledge of what to look for when determining the value of a business, such as inventory, vendors, clients, customers and debts owed.

Once the value is determined, our firm can help you understand what that means for you. In some cases, the business must be sold and the proceeds of the sale distributed between the two parties. In others, one party's interest in the business can be purchased by the other to ensure the business remains whole. Regardless of your goals for the business, our firm can proceed in a way that suits your needs.

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