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Divorce is inherently challenging. Without experienced legal counsel on your side, it is easy to make missteps that could jeopardize your relationships with your children, your financial stability and more. For this reason, we believe that retaining a skilled lawyer is critical.

To speak with one of the attorneys at Campagna Johnson, P.C., we invite you to contact our Suffolk County office today. You can also read a few key mistakes to avoid here:

1. Relying On Your Spouse For Financial Information

When the marriage deteriorates and the relationship becomes adversarial, you must keep in mind that your spouse's priority is to protect him- or herself. Your spouse is now focused on his or her best interests — not on yours. This means that he or she is not a reliable source for information about your marital assets, your net worth or other financial matters. It pays to independently investigate the numbers.

2. Posting Too Much On Social Media

Because social media content can be used as evidence, it is imperative that you avoid making any public statements that could be used against you. The court can potentially use tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram photos and other types of content to come to conclusions about your financial habits, your parenting ability and much more. The best idea is to take a break from social media altogether while your divorce is pending.

3. Making The Children Pawns

Most child psychologists agree that forcing the children to choose sides is emotionally harmful. Likewise, you should never attempt to use your children as tools to gain the upper hand in a contested divorce. Sadly, some parents even resort to making false accusations of child abuse or domestic violence in an attempt to win custody.

4. Making Decisions Based On Emotion Instead Of Logic

Divorce can be an emotional roller-coaster. However, as much as possible, you need to make decisions based on facts, not feelings. For example, your anger toward your spouse may make you want to expose his or her every fault before a judge and jury. However, is litigation really the best approach to take in your situation? Coming to an out-of-court settlement may possibly be far more advantageous.

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