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Even the mere threat of domestic violence can be cause for great concern. Often, when the police are called to a domestic situation, someone is going to be taken to jail. Whether you were the alleged victim or alleged offender, a domestic violence charge can alter your access to your home and your children. If an order of protection is filed, there can be legal consequences for violating the terms.

At Campagna Johnson, P.C., in Suffolk County, New York, our lawyers work to protect the rights of anyone suffering in a domestic violence situation. While our family law and divorce firm does not handle the criminal side of these cases, we are highly involved in cases involving orders of protection and changes to child custody or other agreements due to domestic violence. Our firm passes no judgment on you in the situation; we work to protect your rights and those of your children.

We are sensitive to the needs of our clients who are dealing with domestic assault, spousal abuse or any form of domestic violence. It may have been one argument or it may have been many instances of alleged violence. You can trust our firm and our more than 25 years of experience to pursue a resolution that protects your rights.

Orders Of Protection

After an incident of domestic violence, the alleged victim may seek an order of protection through the court. Often referred to as a protective order or restraining order, an order of protection limits the alleged offender's contact with the victim, access to the home and access to/contact with his or her children.

We know the drastic impact that an order of protection can have on your life, whether you are the victim or the alleged offender. Our domestic violence attorneys keep your best interests in mind when we are helping you seek the establishment of an order of protection or are fighting against an order.

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