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When an order is established by the courts that details how child custody, child support, spousal maintenance or another issue is to be handled, all named parties are bound by the order. They must abide by all stated guidelines, or risk being held in contempt. If you are seeking to have an order enforced or are having an order enforced against you, it would be advantageous to enlist the help of an experienced attorney to protect your rights.

At Campagna Johnson, P.C., our enforcement proceedings lawyers have extensive experience handling all aspects of family law matters. We understand the impact that court orders have on a family and know how damaging it can be when they are not followed. Our firm represents divorce clients in Suffolk County who need assistance with custody enforcement, the enforcement of child support payments, enforcement of spousal maintenance or other issues that arose during a divorce. We also handle enforcement proceedings for clients who were never married but have children together, and are bound by custody and support orders.

Modifications Of Existing Orders

In addition to handling enforcement proceedings, our firm can also become involved in the modification of previously established family court orders. Changes to any agreement must be approved by the courts and are typically only allowed when a parent or spouse has experienced a drastic change in circumstances, such as the loss of a job or subsequent birth of another child.

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