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It is widely believed that any relatives who are positively involved in a child's life can help contribute to the child's well-being and happiness. Unfortunately, parents may fight the grandparents, attempting to keep them from the child. This often occurs when parents have separated or are divorcing. However, New York state law recognizes the importance of family involvement in a child's life and allows for grandparents and other relatives to have access to a child, if:

  • The relationship can be shown to be beneficial and safe for the child.
  • There was a substantial pre-existing relationship.

At Campagna Johnson, P.C., in Suffolk County, we understand the emotions that are involved in grandparents' rights cases. Throughout our more than two decades of handling family law and divorce cases, we have represented numerous grandparents and relatives who wish to maintain contact with and involvement in a child's life. These relationships are important and we work tirelessly to see that they are maintained whenever possible.

A Leading Grandparents' Rights Firm

While many firms may handle grandparents' rights cases as part of their general family law practice, our firm has a unique insight into these types of cases. We have handled numerous grandparents' rights cases throughout the course of our practice and are current on all of the New York laws that apply in these cases. One of our founding lawyers, Thomas K. Campagna, has personally handled several grandparents' rights cases, including one that went to the court of appeals. In nearly all of the grandparents' rights matters we have handled, there has been a successful resolution.

Consult With Us About Your Rights As A Grandparent Or Relative

While most of the cases we handle involve grandparents, other relatives such as aunts and uncles may also have rights to be involved with a child. To further discuss your questions and concerns, call our grandparents' rights attorneys today at 631-615-1871 or contact us online.