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Bryan Johnson is a true professional. He understands your goals and concerns and is able to demonstrate expectations. Working with him is like 'having a friend in the business'. I will recommend him to everyone in need of his services.

When I decided to file for divorce I didn't know who to trust. You hear so many horrible stories about divorce attorneys. One day at work I confided to one of my co-workers about my situation and that person recommended Thomas Campagna. I remember calling him from Family Court. He realized how upset I was and told me to come right in to see him. Mr Campagna and his staff were so kind and caring. My baby was with me and his staff took care of her while I had a conference with him. Mr. Campagna knew the law and was very compassionate. In my dealings with Mr. Campagna during my divorce he was always professional and kind. I still can't believe how he won every issue. I highly trust and recommend Mr. Campagna

In my efforts to guarantee my grandmother visiting rights to see my deceased daughter's eight year old son whom I raised for five years ,1 have had the good fortune to have been represented by and truly "cared for by Thomas Campagna through thirty-one court appearances and an appeal. I m 81 years old and were it not for Mr. Campagna's sensitive and astute involvement I know I could not have won a decision so favorable to me and my grandson. I was always completely confident in Mr. Campagna's advice and although he tried for settlements many times he recognized my son-in-law's delaying tactics that led to such an extensive trial and expertly saw me through days on the witness stand and the tortuous trial to which my son-in-law brought eight witnesses, all thoroughly discredited by Mr. Campagna. It was evident that it was Mr. Campagna's spirit, extraordinary intelligence and personality, his deep involvement and brilliant preparation that determined the very successful outcome of the case. An added and major advantage is Mr. Campagna's remarkable office staff, always caring and concerned and making me feel totally protected by everyone there.

Divorce is not an easy thing to go through. Thank God I switched from a terrible lawyer to an outstanding lawyer. It took a lot of courage to change lawyers. Changing to Thomas Campagna was worth every cent. I was comfortable.trusting and confident in Thomas's expertise. Thomas did all of the work while I did most of the shaking but he kept me putting one foot in front of the other. I was so impressed as Thomas cited other cases. I knew I had the best lawyer. Thomas is a high energy, intelligent and fair man. I handed Thomas the ball and he ran with it. I highly recommend Thomas to anyone going through a divorce. He knows his stuff and takes care of his clients. Also his staff was helpful, friendly, courteous and patient with me. THANK YOU ALL.

The first time I met with Tom was a low point for me. My ex-wife had prevented me from seeing my daughter for six months and my lawyer kept telling me that my case would be heard soon. During my initial consultation Tom did more for me than my previous lawyer did for six months. I was so impressed with Tom's demeanor and decisiveness. I went into a visitation hearing and walked out with custody of my daughter. My daughter was fifteen months old and is now a beautiful eight year old. I am so thankful that I hired Tom as my attorney.

My experience with your law firm in regard to my two (2) divorce litigations has been nothing short of effective and efficient service, with positive and productive results. I take great pride in knowing that I was represented by the very best in my pursuit for justice and fairness. Your level of professionalism and knowledge gave me the strength and courage to pursue my cases. My confidence in your skill as a consummate lawyer never wavered. I would unequivocally recommend your representation to my family members, colleagues and friends. I wish you continued success in your pursuit of justice for all of your clients.

From the moment we met with Mr. Campagna it was quite evident by his demeanor that he was a professional in the highest sense of the word and a perfectionist beyond reproach. We immediately felt at ease and sensed that he was totally listening to our concerns and he had our best interest at heart. He is truly a jewel in his profession.