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Child Support

Child Support Law Guidance and Counsel

Child support is one of the most highly contested issues in a divorce. It can also be an emotionally charged issue for parents who have never been married.

Regardless of your situation, it is essential to ensure that an appropriate amount of child support is paid and that children are properly supported. You need a law firm experienced in child support law who will provide the proper guidance and zealous representation.

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NY Child Support Law Guidelines

New York Child Support Law Guidelines

As in many other states, the New York child support law guidelines determine the amount that must be paid using a statutory formula. Some of the factors that go into this formula include the income of both parents, the number of children and any additional costs, such as childcare or health care costs, and extraordinary educational expenses.

Although the courts can deviate from these guidelines, they generally only do so in certain situations. Parents will be expected to make their payments, and if they cannot, the child support order may be enforced through automatic paycheck deductions and other methods.

It is a very serious situation when child support is not being paid, and individuals who violate established court orders can face serious consequences, like potential jail time.

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Campagna Johnson Mady, P.C. has helped countless individuals and families successfully resolve child support disputes. Whether part of a divorce settlement or a post-divorce modification, or enforcement of a child support order, we can achieve a resolution to your case, either through competent negotiation or through the court system.

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