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Same Sex Divorce

Same Sex Divorce

Divorce is always an emotional process. Regardless of your life situation, you deserve a law firm that will be sensitive to your needs. Campagna Johnson Mady, P.C. has extensive experience with same sex divorce, which began soon after the State of New York paved the way for equal rights under the Marriage Equality Act.

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Experienced Divorce Lawyers

Thanks to the Supreme Court of the United States of America recognizing the constitutional equal rights of same sex couples to marry, States are now required to recognize same sex marriages. Since same sex marriage is now the law of the land, same sex divorce cases must adhere to the same rules and regulations that govern every other divorce in New York.

Campagna Johnson Mady’s trusted matrimonial attorneys have experience with handling all divorce and family law issues in New York. Our divorce attorneys bring their keen insight, along with in-depth knowledge of New York Law, for every same sex divorce client they represent.

Same Sex Divorce Cases

Campagna Johnson Mady, P.C. provides legal assistance in matters involving child custody, child support, collection of child support and spousal maintenance, relocation of a custodial parent/child or modification of court orders.

Even if you were married in another state, our firm can assist with your divorce proceedings. Since this can be a highly contested issue, our lawyers stay current on any changes to the laws that may impact same sex divorce cases and family law matters.

A document is shared in a same sex marriage divorce proceeding.

Marital Agreements

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements may be beneficial in a same sex marriages involving complex assets and financial issues.

Our firm can help you understand how prenuptial or postnuptial agreements can prevent costly litigation in the event of a divorce.

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